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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy Days...

These days I'm super-busy! There is meetings and seminars one afte another, and I still have 3 courses to attend! And all the homeworks! I'm trying hard, but it's tough!
I also have this project to finish. Actually I should have finished it by now, but it is stuck in its state for quite some time now. However I have promised myself (and my advisor!) that I'll finish it in less than a week! This translates to 16 hours per day work for the following days. phew!
Oh by the way, Leila (my sis) cooked a delicious stew (Gheyme) today, that I really enjoyed. Thanks!

Note: Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous a friend of AKU said...

I donno what 2 say, but the background music of this page is a recall to where I heard it first time on Mss Sara's Page at those days of mine full of undesirable occurrences...

Wish you best to reach your desires & just remember that the life is going on in all circumstances then go on mate.

kheili khoshhal shodam bad az chand sal azat khabardar shodam...

now you guest who I am?

idheM imoR

P.s. Read it vice versa! :)

my email


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