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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Getting used to light!

You know, maybe it's not such a bad thing! I'm getting used to it! The last time it happened was when I was in Brazil for a conference. It happened when I was eating my breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. I was really surprised! Now this time it occured while I was running on a treadmill today, in the gym. I didn't get that much surprised this time however! You see, I'm getting used to it.

So you wonder what am I talking about?! I'm talking about seeing the luminous and radiant face of the president on TV!!! (Come on, you know which president I'm talking about!). It's so common seeing his face on TV these days that I get to see him even while running at the gym!

Any way, now I'm home and am trying to work on a paper. There was a milonga tonight that I just canceled in the last minutes (i.e. 10 minutes ago!) and decided to stay home and work. Now I'm sitting here, with my beautiful glass of cranberry juice (which I admit resembles other things! Yet I assure you that it's only pure cranberry juice!) typing these lines! Here's a photo of this beautiful glass, enjoy!

Note: Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!


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