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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh, Good Old Reminiscences!

It's interesting how old memories can come back to you in a flash! So easily!

Let's start by saying that there is a certain project going on in our group which conducts some research on the reliability analysis of Symbian smartphones, such as many Nokia and Sony-Ericsson models. They have developed a resident program which after being installed on a smartphone, logs the occurrences of system crashes and their reported reasons. Anyway, these guys give 75$ to anyone who has such a handset and is willing to install this program on his/her handset. Now since I recently got one of these prepaid cell phones (which initially is cheap, but the cost of talking is really high! Even if someone calls me, I have to pay the full price! This is the land of capitalism my friend!), I went on ebay and searched for a cheap Symbian phone, and I found this nice Nokia 3660. Well, I previously had a 3650, and it was a good phone, so I ordered it immediately and it arrived yesterday. Fortunately the sim card from the crappy cheap phone worked in the new one (although I have not yet been able to setup the internet connectivity correctly). So, after I started it, the first logical move is to change the ringing tune from the default NOKIA tune to a different one (Don't we all do that as the first step?!).

Now here comes the magical moment!!! As I browsed through the different tunes, I remembered my old friends... All my friends whom I've loved. No, I'm not just talking about a girlfriend or two (although I mean that as well! LOL), I'm talking about ALL my friends! I miss all of them so much! The reason I was reminded of them all is that I used to set a ringing tone to each one of my close friends back then, and now as I browsed through the ringing tunes, I remembered them all!
To be honest, that time period which I had my 3650 handset was absolutely the best part of my life! Just after I was graduated from my undergrad and got accepted into the masters program... Not only I had my friends from undergrad, but I found a lot of wonderful new friends from an educational institute I worked in (called Perspolis), and then all the new friends from my M.S. University! And then some very special people... :D

Since I'm in such a romantic mode now, let me introduce you to a good site. I'm sure a fan of classical music, and Chopin's piano pieces are some of the best "romantic" musics. So, I found this website which has some of his piano pieces in midi format. I definitely recommend Fantasy, Heroic, IMPFANT, Polonaise, Revetude and Sonata2X . This last one is really impressive, slow beat but soul-moving! And don't forget the Winter wind etude, which is absolutely brilliant!

Today we started the first dance practice for "eid e norooz" ceremonies! You know, we try to keep our culture alive here. It's interesting that there are so many "second-generation" kids here who cannot talk in their "root" language, but are much more enthusiastic about the norooz ceremony that we are!!! Really interesting! Anyway, this year as my first year here, I'm going to participate in an "Armani" dance, which is very upbeat and kind of like Azeri dance. Fortunately for me, I had started to go to gym a couple of weeks ago! Otherwise I would have fainted today! (Oh, I'm so proud of myself now! :D )

Oh, By the way, the Tango is going on really good!

Last but not the least, the new semester has started, and I got 3 courses for this semester! It's not a wise move, I know! It's loads of work, and considering the research work I'm doing, it's going to be a nightmare! But, I'm more stubborn than this! I'll make it (hopefully)!

The picture you see here is some kind of an advertisemnt for a scarf my sister has woven lately! I guess I can be an advertisement star!!!

Note: Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!


At 2:17 AM, Blogger amir said...

aghaa mikhamet ba in shalgardane khoshgelet

At 4:49 AM, Anonymous meysam said...

how fat u have come!

At 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

che scarf e khoshkeli;)


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