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Thursday, March 16, 2006

What happened in San francisco

I’m now sitting in the Oakland airport, which is the smaller airport in San Francisco, and since I’m bored to death I thought I’d write something! It’s now 4 hours and a half that I’m stuck here, and I have to stay here for another 2 hours before my flight departs here. Then it would only be the start of a long and boring over-night journey back to Champaign! It’s now 6:30 PM local time, and I shall be home 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Well I shouldn’t nag that much; that’s what happens when you want to trip with as small expenses as possible. Any way, since I’m not connected to internet right now, I’ll post this stuff on the weblog tomorrow.

Interesting thing: I found an Iranian friend in this GSRC workshop. Since the workshop finished early today, my lab-mates and I departed due to different flight plans from different airports, I had no agenda for the day. Fortunately Kambiz (my new friend) told me that he and his lab-mates (which all study at UC-San diego) are planning to go to a Turkish restaurant, and then to the Oakland airport. Suffice it to say that the Turkish food was great, and I stuffed myself with those delicious meals! It was even better because it’s quite a bit of time now that I hadn’t filled myself as such!

One interesting aspect of the workshop was to meet this entire famous people. I met David Patterson, was introduced to Jacob Abraham, made a presentation to Jan Rabaey and got to know other people as well; I’m pretty happy about this. Hail to Illini!

I still need to make this superscalar processor work. I’ve made lots of effort during the past few months to make it work, and I’m almost there. But every time I feel it’s going to work this time, some design flaw or a bug pops up in my face, and I see all my hopes to finish this project fade away. I’m tough, but I’m really concerned that I may fail in this project. You know, it’s a kind of project that if you finish it, many wonderful things can happen, but these wonderful things can change into dreadful if you fail to finish it!

Have you ever heard of David Copperfield?! Yeah, I’m talking about the same guy who passed the great Chinese wall and many other things like that. Yes, David the magician! He’s going to have a show tomorrow night (tonight, because you’re supposed to read this tomorrow!) But I don’t think I’m going, its price is too high. I’d heard 8 bucks but a friend of mine who went to buy tickets told me that it’s 25$! I hope I don’t get upset later by my decision of not going to the show later, but … TWENTY FIVE BUCKS?!

OK, I’m going to stop here since:
1- You’re not going to read it if it’s if this post is longer than this, and
2- I’m tired!

Have fun, today and everyday!

Note: Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!


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