Rezaf Diary

I'll write about my daily life, as a PhD Student at the University of Illinois. I'll put some photos from my town, Urbana, and some music.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I have come back, to my senses.

I'm a procrastinator. Here, I admitted it. I spend hours and hours reading about gaming industry's rumors and news instead of playing them (Yeah, that's retarded!) I spend even more hours reading news, to see what's happening on the face of our poor planet. I kill time watching pointless youtube videos.

So, I may have come back to my senses. How? Well, it was a coincident. I came across this funny video from Digg. Well, it's certain that you'll feel something wrong with it after laughing for a few seconds: It's so kiddish! I mean, I haven't done any type of these "funny" stuff for almost 15 years now!

BANG! Reality suddenly hit me hard. Here I am, in one of the top national graduate schools wasting my time watching teenager stuff, and wasting my time reading the damn comments!

NO MORE, I say. I've gotta quit this, as hard as it may be. And the best way to quit something is taking it away. But wait, I'm a research student, I need google at least twice an hour! Well, the answer is this: BLOCK the sites you know are time-hogs!

As great as sites like Digg, Youtube, Google news and Balatarin (Persian equivalent of Digg) are, they just consume TOOOOO much of my time, and hence are blocked. Well, I've set them to be accessible 1 hour per day. If anyone wants my modifications to Gina's hack (add a finish time to the view limit), please say so in comments.

I hope this solution can help me quit my addiction to cyberslacking!

P.S. The rule of tolerable ten looks promising too!

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Google is filtered in Iran?!

This may sound unbelievable, but in the latest round of filtering internet sites in Iran, and many of its services have been filtered. The filtering is not limited to a single ISP, and users in many cities who use different ISPs are experiencing the same. Even Gmail is not left out, and many users cannot even access their email accounts.

Aside for almost every political Persian language site, many popular sites such as Wikipedia and youtube are also filtered in Iran.

If you can read Persian, you can go to this link on (which is the Persian equivalent of Digg) and read the latest news about this problem.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

wii have to go?!

So I got a wii, in a moment of madness! Saw one at the local Walmart and grabbed it without even thinking. But, it has left me unimpressed.

See, there are not many games I'd be craving to play on Wii, unlike XBOX360 or even PS3. I'll put a list of the games I'd like to play here, partly to try to convince myslef not to put the wii on ebay!
The ones that I pretty much want to play are:
  • Metroid prime corruption (which 3 of my best pals got me for my birthday, God bless their souls!)
  • Resident Evil 4 wii edition
  • The legend of Zelda, twilight princess
  • Mercury Melt down revolution (not out yet)
  • soul calibur legends (not out yet)
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (dance with a pad AND wii-mote, not out yet)
2'nd tier games would be:
  • Super paper mario
  • Super mario world (virtual console)
  • The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time (virtual console)
  • Super mario galaxy (not out yet)
  • Super smash Brawlz (not out yet)
3'rd tier ones:
  • Mayby Warioware?
  • Super Mario 64 (virtual console)
  • Sonix 3(Just because I couldn't get to play this as a kid!, virtual console)
  • Golden axe (brings back memories!, virtual console)
  • Mario kart 64 (virtual console)
  • resident evil: umbrela chronicle (On rail shooter, similar to the house of the dead? not out yet)
  • Loony tunes:ACME arsenal (not out yet)
  • Mortal combat: Armageddon (not out yet)
As you can see, there not much game for wii currenly that I crave, and for that matter even games who are supposed to be released in the coming months. I can easily get away with not playing the 3'rd tier games, and maybe with a bit of cursing I can ignore the second tier ones.

Well, maybe virtual console can make me keep it. Then again, I can subscribe to console classix and get many of those games much cheaper! Also, I'll get to play it on my laptop then, which frees me from bearing with never-ending rants of certain female family members, whining about a soap opera or something being played on the TV when I play the Wii!

Not sure yet, but I think it's a goner!

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If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!