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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Odyssey of a good Bath.

Bath (n.): process of soaking the body in water or some other aqueous matter such as mud, steam, or milk. The bath may have cleanliness or curative purposes, and it can have religious, mystical, or some other meaning. A bath is often used as a technique to temporarily reduce the symptoms of illness or pain of drug withdrawal.

Shower (n.): a bath in which water is showered on the body; also: the apparatus that provides a shower.

I have never been a big fan of bathing; I always took a quick shower. It is much faster to take a shower, and it fits well with my hectic lifestyle. So, yeah... Everything was fine until last week. I was quite tired, physically of course, after a Sunday picnic in which my buddies and I tried to play some of our childhood games. I came back home with my body tired and battered, so I thought: well, a hot bath would be your cure!

Well, not quite! The bath turned out to be a disaster! See I always take a shower; I never cared about how my bathtub's walls are filthy, because usually water never reaches that high anyway! Needless to say, the bath got filled with numerous small pieces of calcite (and other things which I'd like to think of them as calcite!). To make it worse, hot water ran out in the middle of my bath (I live in a small apartment with my own heating system, not a big central one). While the lower half of my body was warm, the upper half was freezing!

Okay, bad experience. So yesterday I scrubbed the whole bathtub and bought and installed a new shower curtain, and now the bath tub looks much cleaner. Not as white as I would like it to be (you know, like a new bath) but it's clean and white enough. I'm thinking of buying a rotary scrubbing power tool to make it cleaner. I still have the hot-water problem, which for now I remedied with a trick. I fill the tub with about an inch of hot water, lie down in the bath and turn the shower on, so that I get hot water raining on me! Again not as nice as I would like, but at least not a disaster anymore. Yet, my odyssey of a good bath continues...

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If you feel interested in any of them and want to get the original file, please don't hesitate to email me!


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